Internet Packages

Everything is better with faster internet.

With faster, more reliable performance than DSL, MontanaSky’s high-speed internet service delivers faster downloads, smoother video, and lag-free gaming, even with multiple users online at once. With our fiber-optic network and five speed options to choose from, there is a great internet package for every need and budget.

With MontanaSky, you’ll always get:
  • Fast and reliable broadband internet service
  • 24-hour technical support, ready to assist with your connectivity issues, day or night
  • Flexibility to switch packages at any time—you’re never locked into a contract

3 Mbps downstream / 2 Mbps upstream

As low as $29.95/month†

When you want a reliable internet connection to get you online for emails, browsing and account management of your home services and finances, High Speed 3 will do the job faster than DSL.

10 Mbps downstream / 2 Mbps upstream

As low as $39.95/month†

Our High Speed 10 is great for all of your basic online usage, as well as additional gaming and light video streaming and downloads. With speeds that are over ten-times faster than DSL**, High Speed 10 will give you a great internet experience!

**Speed comparison based on 1.5 Mbps DSL service.

15 Mbps downstream / 2 Mbps upstream

As low as $49.95/month†

Get that extra bit of “omph!” for streaming your favorite movies and TV shows, or gaming. With our High Speed 15, you can do more advanced streaming or gaming, without lag.

30 Mbps downstream / 2 Mbps upstream

As low as $79.95/month†

For the heavier user, High Speed 30 gives you even faster speeds! It’s ideal for online gamers who log hours of gaming, or professionals who work from home. High Speed 30 will definitely take you from level to level without lag time.

50 Mbps downstream / 2 Mbps upstream

As low as $99.95/month†

Power User 50 is for those who do everything online. It’s great for serious online gamers or telecommuters who need the absolute fastest connection. It’s also great for downloading content, like full HD movies, games, and more!

All levels of MontanaSky’s High-speed Internet includes a personalized e-mail address and remote web mail to conveniently access your e-mail from anywhere, and 24-hour technical support.

†Price does not include applicable fees, equipment rental, and one-time installation fee. Price is subject to change at any time.
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