Why choose MontanaSky?

Pioneers of broadband in Northwest Montana.

When you have MontanaSky, you have a friend in broadband, which means you’ve got the “in” on great services that’ll keep you smiling. Our story is pretty simple: we’re here to make you happy.

With MontanaSky, you can always expect:

  • To be treated fairly. Whether you’re a long-time customer, or a potential customer, we want to offer everyone the best quality services at simple and affordable prices.
  • Freedom of choice. At MontanaSky, you’ll always have the freedom to choose the services that best fit your needs and customize your own package. And because you’ll never be locked into a contract, you’ll always have the flexibility to change your package at anytime, without penalty.
  • The best value. MontanaSky offers the best value for your money. We deliver the highest quality services at the best prices, and our customer care beats the competition hands-down. Our service is frustration-free, and if you ask us, that’s just priceless.
  • Customer care with a smile. Because we make it our mission to make every customer experience one to make you smile, you’ll always get outstanding customer care with MontanaSky.
  • To be completely happy with your service. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Unlike the large companies, we can turn our focus to individual customer needs to ensure your experience with us is top-notch.

Give us a call today and let us show you what it means to have a friend in broadband.

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