HD-DVR (High Definition Video Recorder)

Get the most HD choices with MontanaSky HD!

If you want the flexibility to watch your TV shows, news and movies on your own schedule, MontanaSky’s HD-DVR is the perfect equipment addition to your package. You can add this feature to your cable TV package for only $12.99/month, for the first receiver, $15.99 for each additional.

  • Record programs onto the DVR hard-drive, and save them to be watched later.
  • Watch your recorded programs whenever you want! Just go into your recorded library and select the one you want to watch, and play it at a touch of a button.
  • Fast-forward, rewind and pause recorded programs and live TV, giving you freedom to do other things in between without missing a second.
  • Get all of those functionalities in addition to all of the benefits of HD!
  • Availability to record two programs at the same time!

Record HD shows and movies and save them for later—you can even record your favorite movies in HD and store them on your HD-DVR for as long as you’d like!

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