The fastest, most-reliable Internet in Northwest Montana.

When you have MontanaSky, you have the leading provider of broadband in your neighborhood, which means you’ve got access to great services, more choices, and the best value on the products that keep you connected to the things that matter most to you.

Here at MontanaSky, we’re mostly tech enthusiasts who love cool gadgets and devices that require a great internet connection to work, so we’ve made it our business to provide great internet service. Fast, reliable, and priced affordably, our internet service is the fastest in Lincoln County. And with speeds that rival Internet you’d get in the city, there’s no denying we’ve got the speed you need.

Simple pricing that’s easy on your budget.

Whether you’re a high-end internet or a budget-conscious user who also wants great cable TV, MontanaSky offers simple pricing that’s affordable and highly competitive.

No contracts. No nonsense.

Unlike the other guys, we never lock you into a contract or long-term commitment for our residential services. And we never charge you a penalty if you need to cancel your service. That’s the freedom you get when you choose MontanaSky. You won’t have the same experience with our competitors.

Local and independently extraordinary.

We’re not owned by any corporations. Instead, what you get is our personalized, hometown services. We’ll continue to do right by our customers, because your happiness is the true measure of our success.

Make the switch to MontanaSky today, it’ll be the last one you ever make!


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